Making money online with Drop Shipping.

I’ve been wanting to start a section on how to make money online by utilizing Web Hosting Ninja‘s services since we launched, but have just not had the time.   Today, we’re starting the section and I plan to keep expanding it so that all of our current customers, and our potential new customers can learn how easy it is to receive passive income online.

The first topic I’d like to cover is Drop Shipping using a Chinese retailer

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Drop Shipping: move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.

Products manufactured in China are much cheaper than in the United States.  Aliexpress has a TON of products that are a LOT cheaper than what you’d get them for in America, making it a prime source for drop shippers.

Basically you’re promoting products from a 3rd party and do not have to carry inventory.  Drop shipping is a great way to make extra money.  We’ve had drop shipping sites here at Web Hosting Ninja making over $40,000/month in sales.  So today I’m going to show you how to setup your own drop shipping website!

First, you need a web hosting account that allows you to install WordPress. Lucky for you, WebHosting.Ninja allows that.

Login to your account and follow these instructions

Once you’ve installed WordPress you’re going to need to download a plugin called WooCommerce.  WooCommerce turns your WordPress installation into an eCommerce store.  This plugin works great for people not wanting to purchase a pricey Shopify account.

Now that you have WooCommerce installed, you’re going to need a WooCommerce theme.  Any of those at that link will suffice.  Check them all out, and get the one that you think will work the best for the products you’re promoting.

The next step is to Download this plugin.  WooImporter.  This will allow you to easily import products from Aliexpress.

All that above for someone new to WordPress setup/Design will be a little tricky, but if you put the work in you’ll be very happy with the results.  Or if not, we have a package where we set this up for you and give you 1 year free of hosting.  If you’d like for us to set all of this up for you, just click here and signup.

Ok, now that we have a  Theme and the WooImporter plugin lets get started.  These are the steps that we take when we design our sites.

Login to your WordPress and click “Products -> Categories”

This is where you will create your categories for the niche you are promoting.  For this example we’re going to be promoting cell phone devices and accessories.  So we add categories as such:


Now, when you add your categories the images are not going to be there.  Do not worry, we’ll add them later once we start importing products.  It’s best to go to and search for different products in your niche to figure out what categories you need to create.

Once you’ve got your categories setup, it’s time to start importing products!  This is probably the easiest part of it all as the WooImporter plugin makes it very simple.

In WordPress, click “WooImporter” then “Aliexpress”.


You will be presented with the following screen:


Under the Keywords section, type in items that you want for a certain category.  For example, one of my categories is “Phone Chargers”.  So I’ll simply type in Phone Charges.   You then just need to change the Category to wherever you want the products to go.  So for me, Phone chargers.


Next, just click Search and WooImporter will search Aliexpress for products matching your keywords.

You should now have a screen that looks like this:



And that is how easy it is to search for products.  Now let’s import some of these bad boys.

With this particular plugin, you need to click the “Load More Details” beside the keywords in order to grab all of the information.  Here is where you do that:


Just click that red spot, and it will load the details.

Do this for every product you wish to import on the page.

I now have three products with “Load more details” selected and checked, ready to import!



Now, you can do these individually or as a Mass Import, for this we’re going to do a mass import of those three products I have selected.  So just go to the type under “Bulk Actions” click that Drop Down box and click “Post to WooCommerce” then Apply.

Your products will now start importing.


This is how you import products to WooCommerce and your new Drop Shipping website.  This can get way more in depth, but is the basic idea and is enough to get you started.

So, now that we have a few products let’s setup the category images.  Click back to Products -> Categories.

For this example, we want to add a thumbnail for the Phone Charges we just imported.  What I usually do is just use one of the images that is imported with the product.  WooImporter brings those images into your media library.

Click on Phone Chargers, Edit and then Choose Thumbnail Upload/Add Image.



Now all you have to do is click on Media library and find the best looking image for the category thumbnail:



Click use image and you will be taken back to the category page.  Now just click Update at the bottom and your category image is set.

This is all the basics of setting up a WordPress site + WooCommerce and using Aliexpress as your drop shipper. This is WAY more in depth and a lot of variables that cannot all be taught in one article.  There is a TON of stuff that can be done with this plugin, such as multiplying prices by X amount on import automatically to stripping certain images etc. etc.

My advice to you is if you want to do this yourself, get the necessary Hosting, Theme and Plugin and just play around with it.  If you want this built out for you, no problem we can do that for you.  We’ve done it for hundreds of people already and would be more than glad to assist.

If you have any questions, just post them in the comments and we’ll be glad to answer.