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$2,000 a month writing on my blog

This took me a few years to achieve but back in 2015 I started a blog. This blog wasn’t your typical one where I talk about my feelings or some shit. This blog was specifically targeted towards one industry. I won’t say the exact industry but it’s a blue collar trade.

I made it my goal to become one of the number one sources of information for this trade. I wrote about anything and everything I could imagine. I went into this not knowing a damn thing about the industry and at some points I looked like an idiot due to me mis-understanding something.

Here’s the thing though folks. All it took was hard work and dedication. Today I have nearly five-hundred articles. Each one is one-thousand to four-thousand words. I receive about fifty-thousand views per month. It’s not a big number, but I’m hoping in a few years it will grow even more.

My largest source of income is Adsense ads. The other sources I have are E-Bay Affiliates and Amazon Affiliates.

Most of my posts are informational and technical. But remember, I knew nothing about this trade. It’s all research. I research and dig into data, take notes, and then write through my notes using my own words. It’s a lot of work sure, but it’s bringing in money.

At this point I have a mailing list of nearly 1,100 people. Some of these e-mail addresses come from HUGE companies and I even have a few from the United Nations. (Don’t ask me why.)

The emphasis of this post is to say that all you have to do is write and write.

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