Depressed after multiple setbacks. - Josh Loe

Depressed after multiple setbacks.

I’m trying to stay positive, but my copacker has strung me along for 6 months now just only now to realize that he cannot produce my product on his machine (my fault for not investigating fully with a sample, but I’m learning as I go, and “they bought a machine special for my product” that didn’t work), and the other copackers have MOQs that would require me to dig deep into savings and who knows if I want to change the design etc. I finally found someone last week who had a machine that makes exactly what I want, but corporate wouldn’t let him take a risk on my product. It’s so hard to find a copacker when you don’t have much product or money to invest. Now I’m looking at buying a machine, but that seems like a crazy idea when I am still testing the market. I know this idea can take off if I had the funds to kick it off properly, but maybe I’m just not cut out for the risk. Recently, this month especially, I feel like I can’t breathe during the day I’m so worried for the next bad news – like an elephant is sitting on my chest, and everything is so expensive, and it’s hard to focus on more important things like my children when I get the figurative wind kicked out of me every single day. I just needed to vent through my tears. Tomorrow is another day.

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