How can I develop my social media business? - Josh Loe

How can I develop my social media business?

Hi /r/entrepreneur

I am currently building a website offering my social media services, and in the meantime, I have set up a People Per Hour page and I am bidding on work.

However, I have identified one major problem with People Per Hour and that seems to be that buyers are only interested in the cheapest deal. Okay fine I get that, but they want to pay peanuts for work and it seems to only be accessible to those living in developing countries.

This led to me wanting to set up my own website and build leads that way.

So I have a few questions which I would appreciate some insight on

* Pricing – Should I come up with 3 flat rate pricing options or should I try charge on an hourly basis?
* Building leads – Should I try to specialise in one industry, for example financial services? Or should I go more general?
* Networking opportunities – In the UK it costs quite a lot to join the Chamber of Commerce. Do you have other networking suggestions?
* People with experience in social media – What apps do you use? I have predominantly used Hootsuite with my current role, but I’m always interested in others.

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