Is it a Bad Decision to Quit my Summer Job to Pursue my Startup Dream?

I’m a 3rd year finance student who got an office summer job as a customer service representative. I’m obviously thrilled about it (first office job for me) but I am also deep in the process of creating a startup with my partner. It’s going to be a grind both financially and time-wise for this business and I understand the risks associated with it.

We’ve already invested $2k into it for initial lawyer fees and licensing, logos and trademarks. We know we need upwards of $50k to get this startup running to full potential, but as we prove our legitimacy we can obtain small business loans later this spring.

I understand I’d be missing out of $10k this summer if I don’t work this office job and save up for 4th year of school. But at the same time if I can fully devote myself into starting up this business successfully, it can potentially change my life, allowing me to delay my 4th year of university if this turns into a reality. I still live at home as a broke 22 year old, and I know I gotta save up and support myself. My parents realize I have an entrepreneurial mindset but would not let me pass by a job opportunity in a weaker economy where I’m from.

But this business is my dream and I truly believe that success is possible but that requires 100% commitment to the project. I can work the 9-5 and still pursue this business but I will miss out on important meetings and potential customer acquisition opportunities. My partner and I click as a team.


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