Competition and first mover advantage ? - Josh Loe

Competition and first mover advantage ?

Hey guys ,

Would love to know your take on your competition from pros and cons, there is defiantly some advantage to be moving on a proven market but there is also disadvantage for being second to market.

I’m starting an ecommerce on wooden eyewear niche and there is only one store ( with 19k facebook fans ) operating for 3 years , he is only selling on store , I’m offering free home try on with no offline store , user try the frames send them back confirm order and enter a text if he wants to have engraved.

I have yet to order one from his store to check on it but I feel sick to my stomach when I think about it , its not stopping me and I already ordered samples and finishing website development but it doesn’t feel good and am afraid. What do you guys think , I’m desperate for some advice and I think its getting the best of me

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