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I launched a cheap flight deal site

Hi! I’m Siimon!

As I’ve lived in the United States for the past 4 years, I always get excited if I find a cheap flight back to home in Europe.

On average it costs $800 to $1,000 to fly from the US to the majority of countries in Europe. I realized, that if you monitor the flights daily, you’ll be able to get deals that save at least $500 per flight. It’s crazy how much you can actually save.

This inspired me to put together www.indieflights.com. I worked with a programmer to put the site together and have hired 2 people to help me find cheap flight deals. On average we put out 2-4 deals a day.

I’m definitely not a flight-hacker, I honestly hate that term but I would love your feedback and thoughts on the site. Would you use it over Kayak/Skyscanner or other platforms?

Thanks! 😉

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