Logistics of opening a daycare/private practice all in one? - Josh Loe

Logistics of opening a daycare/private practice all in one?

Hey guys! I posted late last night about my desire to simultaneously open a daycare and also become a therapist. I know about the necessary schooling and licensing in order to accomplish this and am happy to go through it, but I don’t know much about the business model itself or how to go about the start-up process.

Someone on another thread had a humorous and reasonable suggestion: “Buy house. Make daycare. Have coffee room for parents to complain about children and life. Solve problems. Charge too much. Win.”

I like the coffee room idea and plan to have a therapeutic approach to my daycare philosophy. I intend to offer therapy for the children I am watching in individual sessions each week (and accepting children with behavioral challenges into the daycare specifically with the intent of helping them). I also want to offer therapy for the parents of children I watch, for pregnant women prior to birth, for families and couples, and people unrelated to the daycare such as single adults.

I’m hoping someone who knows more about business than I would have suggestions on the logistics of this since it isn’t really an existing business. (Examples of things I’m unsure of: time management, having to hire other employees to watch the kids while I’m holding sessions, explaining in a concise way what my private practice/daycare is in the first place, advertisement, etc). I’ll continue looking into this on my own as well. Thanks!

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