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Best Phones for Entrepreneurs for 2018

Entrepreneurs are often looking for the best phone they use to keep their data safe, whether personal or business, and since identifying which smartphones are the best is hard because of the diversity of brands available in the market and fierce competition among manufacturers, Importance When it comes to using a phone with all the details of your work, we will highlight today the best phones for entrepreneurs for 2018.

BlackBerry KEYONE Black Edition
The BlackBerry phone is called the Legend, because it offers the user the highest level of security and ease of management and keep abreast of current developments by relying on Android as an operating system, and the phone Keyone Black Edition specifically will give you the experience of working using a physical keyboard that is provided only by BlackBerry phones.

KEYONE Black Edition works with a Snapdragon 625 processor, 64GB internal storage with 4GB RAM, and a 12 megapixel camera with a Sony IMX378 sensor and 8 megapixel front camera.

It comes with a 4.5-inch screen and a 3505 mAh battery with a smart virtual keyboard. It has a distinctive design that is favored by many customers who love the traditional BlackBerry designs on the actual keyboard and also have a high hardness.

What makes it unique for entrepreneurs is the BlackBerry BlackBerry Hub, which combines all your messages in one place so you can see and reply to all your messages. The Blackberry Hub allows you to instantly see all your messages and prioritize them in a single touch so you do not miss a thing, Create e-mail messages and publications on social networks, reply directly to messages and calendar invitations, save e-mail messages and manage folders, and automatically display replies to open the most recent messages in the form of a conversation via e-mail.

Bottom line: If you want to get an Android phone that has a lot of features that will make your business easier for you, look for BlackBerry KEYONE Black Edition.

Google Pixel
The phone is equipped with a 8-core processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4 GB RAM with 64 or 128 GB of internal storage, and a 2700mAh battery.

The Pixel 2 has the best camera with the best scores on the DxOMark Mobile. It comes with a 12.2 megapixel camera with OIS and EIS, an 8 megapixel front camera and a 5-inch AMOLED With 1920 × 1080 pixels accuracy.

Google Pixel 2 is the most secure Android phone, and without any security protection Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL are protected from security exploits. Remote installations are monitored by Google’s scanning program, which blocks potentially harmful content.

The most important feature of the Google phone Pixel 2 is to get the latest version of Android and the most secure, most important that the changes and codes in these updates are available for review, which makes it more powerful in terms of security.

Bottom line: Google Pixel 2 will always enjoy high security because it always gets updates from its Android operating system to make it safer.

Galaxy Note 8
The larger screen gives you more space for more and more achievements. The phone comes with a 6.3-inch screen, the largest monitor ever, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, offering 6 GB of RAM with 64 or 128 internal storage Or 256 GB, expandable via microSD memory cards.

The rear camera is dual and comes with 12 megapixels per lens, 3300 mAh battery and support for the S Pen, which has many features that make the phone experience very convenient and efficient.

In addition to being secured by the Samsung Knox Security Service, a multi-layered platform built into both hardware and software for the latest Samsung devices, Knox continuously checks the safety of the device through a series of security checks that start at the platform level and extend to the operating system and reveal any tampering To ensure the permanent security of your data.

Bottom line: The Galaxy Note 8 is expensive, but one of the best business phones you can buy that will give you a great design plus a larger screen with many features that will make it easier for you to work more safely.

The final result
Blackberry KEYONE Black Edition may not have a distinctive design in competition with the Galaxy Note 8, but it is one of the smartest Android phones in the world. It is secured with a built-in security program from the beginning of BlackBerry, and it includes the DTEK security monitoring application to monitor the operating system And your applications automatically notify you when your privacy is at risk and how to perform an action to improve it. It also keeps track of applications and alerts you when someone: Capture photos or videos without your knowledge, turn on the microphone, send a text message, Your a And your site.

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