Honey brand seeking exportation

Hi everyone. So we have a honey bee farm in Egypt, and my partners and I are currently starting a honey brand. We’re still in the administrative/legal phase, but we’re going to be working soon around June/July.

In the first year, we’re going to be producing around 1200 KGs of honey (we have the possibility to increase it to 1500 KGs). The brand is a premium brand. The honey is 100% natural without any additives at all. We’re going to sell nationally to businesses, and to consumers but we are also planning to give a high priority to exporting. We are seeking long term partnerships, and we would love to export regionally and internationally. We’re flexible regarding the packaging btw.

What do you think about that? Which channels should we use to sell internationally and to find buyers? any tips, suggestions or advice? Thank you 🙂

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