Marketing appeal. Do it all company vs Niche specialized company

Hi, I currently have a company and we offer a variety of related services. Each of these services has a pretty big demand in itself, thus I was wondering if it would be any benefit to take my best selling/most in demand services and create a new company that specializes in these services only? Meaning, create a company for each service. I feel like it has some marketing and convenience appeal. Currently my company is named after my own name and is sort of generic.

Just wanted some feedback. What do you guys think?

fyi my company does computer services. Most people come in for virus removal. Bigger clients are for network related stuff in corporate offices. I have contemplated if I would gain more market share or more marketing appeal if I started a “computer virus repair” or “office networking company”. This is not my only company so I’m thinking of applying this concept and approach to my other companies.

Thanks for your insight

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