FIFA World Cup 2018: What it's like to go to a match: photos, tour - Josh Loe

FIFA World Cup 2018: What it’s like to go to a match: photos, tour

I had expected going to the World Cup to be a mess; too many people, out-of-control and belligerent drunks, overpriced everything, and bad sportsmanship.

While I can’t speak for other World Cups β€” my friend who got the tickets told me that this year’s was by far the best-managed of the three he’s been to β€” my experience in Russia was pleasant.

The security screening was a bit annoying. I still fail to understand why I couldn’t bring in a pen, when I saw a person carrying in a trumpet. But I guess it’s to be expected with as big of an event as a World Cup game.

Even with seats near the top of the stadium, I could see everything. And the energy of the crowd, even when the majority were losing, was unbelievable. Everyone was positive and having a great time enjoying the game.

I think I’ll have to put attending the World Cup back on the bucket list, if only because I want to see a World Cup game with the USMNT in it. I can’t believe the first World Cup I get to is the first World Cup without the US since 1986.

My luck, eh?

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