Virtual Assistant Options for Any Company — From Startups to High-Flyers

VAs can cover your bookkeeping, social media, writing, customer service and programming needs, as much or as little as you want them to.

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While the Beatles may have gotten by by with a little help from their friends, you may not be so lucky: In fact, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you probably need professional support.

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Although you could hire another employee to perform those tasks you want done, you might, instead, join the increasing number of businesses choosing the option of a virtual assistant. That way, you can access the exact skills needed. Entrepreneurs outsource a variety of tasks to virtual assistants, including SEO and social media management, blog-writing, vlog and podcast production and administrative responsibilities.

A virtual assistant will clear the routine tasks from your schedule, giving you more time to concentrate on your company. So, the next question is, where do you find one?

Fortunately, there are several virtual assistant companies to choose from, but it’s important that you first understand your specific needs to select the provider that’s right for you.


VirtualOffice by Servcorp is considered one of the best options for small businesses and is perfect for a small startup because it helps build instant creditability. With this company, you can work from your home yet appear to have an office located at a premier business address.

Indeed, you’ll have a receptionist who will answer the telephone, manage your mail and provide secretarial support. Depending on the package you purchase, you will also have access to boardrooms, meeting rooms, private offices and coworking spaces in your primary location and other VirtualOffice locations around the globe.

Virtual assistants are limited to a receptionist and someone who can perform administrative tasks, so this isn’t a good choice if you need ongoing support for marketing and bookkeeping activities. But the people provided can handle basic responsibilities. The commitment is month to month, and the first month is free, so the service is affordable. You can also scale your package to accommodate growth. If you are just starting out and need to put your best foot forward, VirtualOffice may be right for you.

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Uassist.ME is a top-rated virtual assistant provider and a great choice for small-to-mid-size business owners who understand their needs and appreciate how a virtual assistant can help their company grow.

Uassist.ME provides a variety of virtual-assistant resources, including both individuals and teams, depending on your needs. As a client, you are able to interview several of the company’s assistant candidates and select the one who’s the best fit; and you are encouraged to train this individual so that he or she understands and delivers what you need.

One of the great features of this company is that all assistants work out of the Unassist.ME office, meaning that each person is trained and supervised to give you optimal value and productivity from the relationship.

Uassist.ME has more than 200 employees, many with college degrees, who possess a wide variety of skill sets, including bookkeeping, social-media maintenance, writing, customer service, programming and more. The company also has extensive experience working with organizations growing a franchise and has clients in a variety of industries.

This large employee pool means that your schedule will always be met, even if your assistant is sick or on vacation; and you can scale services as your company grows. Unassist.Me also accepts every level of client, from a business that needs one assistant for one hour a day, to clients who require 20 or more full-time assistants. If you are ready to try a virtual assistant, this is a great company to work with.

 Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 is a top choice for high-powered executives and multinational companies. It has earned a near-perfect rating from the experts at Virtual Assistant Assistant (real name: not a typo!). Worldwide provides virtual assistants to corporate executives based in North America and Europe, offering experienced, multilingual virtual staff.

Committed to providing quality virtual assistants, Worldwide 101 hires only people with a minimum of seven years of executive assistant experience. The process begins when you describe your ideal assistant and are matched with several people who meet your requirements. You then interview each one and select the person you want to work with. You are also assigned a support team to back-up your virtual assistant if needed, and provide other services you may require.

Worldwide 101 virtual assistants can support a variety of needs, including executive administration, marketing, project management, customer service, social media growth, bookkeeping, writing and editing and multilingual services. The company also provides additional services, like design, web updates and video editing. If you don’t see what you need on the list of provided services, just ask. 

This is a premium virtual assistant company, and many clients have joined because they have been unhappy with lower-priced services. Worldwide 101 is designed to serve the needs of corporate executives who want experienced staff to perform high-level administrative tasks. If this description describes you, Worldwide 101 is a great option.

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Bottom line

Whether you are a startup, growing business or international high-flyer, you should consider taking advantage of virtual assistants to perform needed tasks. These assistants can save you time, money and hassle, and their work for you can be scaled to meet your exact needs. So, don’t waste your valuable time performing mundane tasks or managing complicated schedules. Instead, select the right virtual assistant provider to do the work for you.

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