Alabama’s fake field goal in college football championship second half was baffling

After an exciting first half of the college football championship, Alabama found itself with the ball to open the second half, trailing Clemson 31-16.

After their drive stalled out inside Clemson’s 25, on 4th-and-6, Alabama opted to bring their field goal unit onto the field to get three points.

Instead, the Crimson Tide tried a fake field goal attempt that featured third-string quarterback Mac Jones receiving the snap, picking up the ball, and then basically running into a wall of Clemson defenders for a loss of two yards.

A baffling decision by Nick Saban and co.

Even ABC’s broadcasters were confused by the call, saying they thought Jones would have thrown the ball rather than run it, knowing he had long way to go for the first down.

Perhaps something in the play broke down that we’re unaware of. But Alabama’s lack of points on the possession came back to hurt them. After turning it over on downs, Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross caught a pass and ran it in for a 74-yard touchdown to push the lead to 37-16.

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