Omelet taste test: Here's the best one best place to order an omelet - Josh Loe

Omelet taste test: Here’s the best one best place to order an omelet

I was surprised to learn that the omelets at IHOP are “made with a splash of buttermilk & wheat pancake batter,” as was indicated on the menu, which is bad news from the lactose- and gluten- sensitive/intolerant folks out there.

The massive omelet was large enough to feed two (and it did — my sister tagged along on this omelet adventure) and pretty standard when it came to taste. Toppings were layered between thin layers of fluffy egg, and the chopped up ingredients (including crumbled bacon bits) were evenly dispersed. Overall, it was a tasty omelet that left a fair amount of grease on the plate.

Let’s not forget about the sides, though. Sides were not technically part of this taste test, but it’s worth noting that omelets at IHOP are served with a choice of buttermilk pancakes, hash browns, or buttered toast (or flavored pancakes or fresh fruit at an extra cost). We ordered the hash browns which were satisfyingly salty with a good crunchy top and by far the best side of the day.

This omelet cost $13.26 (before tax); $10.29 plus $0.99 for each topping.

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