Dark Reader browser extension gives every website a ‘dark mode’

I’m going to go ahead and claim that one of the biggest oversights in modern tech is darkness — blissful, easy-on-the-eyes darkness.

Indeed, developers of operating systems, apps, and websites have seemingly ignored the possibility that regular people might be using their products in a dark setting, and that the bright white theme in a dark setting is actually horribly uncomfortable, whether a user realizes it or not.

Some have recently acknowledged that dark versions of their otherwise-bright-white products are actually preferable. Apple gave an overarching dark mode to its macOS Mojave operating system. Microsoft has implemented a similar dark mode of sorts for Windows 10, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as macOS. And certain app and web developers — most notably YouTube and Reddit — have also given users the option to go dark.

You can also get dark mode themes for web browsers, but they only make the navigation and tabs bar dark, not the websites themselves, which defeats the point when bright white is the default color theme for most websites.

The last remaining frontier for dark mode is now websites, and I’ve been using a handy web browser extension to exist at the bleeding edge of this frontier.

Check out the Dark Reader web browser extension that works for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox:

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