The Top Money Mistakes People Make in Their 20s - Josh Loe

The Top Money Mistakes People Make in Their 20s

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In this video,Ā Entrepreneur Network partnerĀ Jeff Rose discusses a few negativeĀ financial habits that people in their twenties should avoid:

  1. Debt denial. You should not sweep debt under the rug, instead you should concentrate on paying debt off gradually.
  2. Not investing.Ā Despite what method you choose to use, simply start the process and familiarize yourself with theĀ options
  3. Avoiding smart risks. Rose notes that too many young people opt to simply hold their money in cash, which will limit your bank account later in life.Ā 
  4. Failing to make big goals. Rose points out that failing to make big goals is an unwise move for young people, simply because they have so much time ahead of them to build savings and returns.Ā 

To hear all of the money habits 20-year-olds should try their best to avoid, click the video.

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