List of colleges with the best perks and amenities

What makes a college great? The answer to that question will certainly mean something different for almost everyone. Some may opt for the absolute best education while others may prefer a sense of community. Others still may prioritize affordability. With over 4,000 degree granting universities spread out across the US, there’s no shortage of options, and the schools know they have stiff competition. More and more, colleges and universities are offering up enticing perks and benefits in the hopes of luring in the best students.

When viewed in isolation, these extra perks might not seem like much, but for students in the final stages of choosing between otherwise similar schools, special activities or options may be the deciding factor on where they make their home for the next four years. Whether you’re interested in free food, over the top recreational facilities, or sweet deals at museums, one of the schools listed below will have something for you. Keep scrolling below to see eleven schools with some of the best perks.

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