How to Get Your Business Noticed on a Budget - Josh Loe

How to Get Your Business Noticed on a Budget

If you are a business looking to get noticed by media, check out this video.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu speaks with branding expert Adrian Salamunovic. Together, they break down three power tips on how to get more press for your company. 

The first includes thinking how your customer think. For instance, if you’re running a photo printing company, then you should concentrate on finding the audience who is searching online for “photo printing.” Salamunovic reveals a few tools that you can use to nail down your customer base who is searching. When your customer is on your page, they are essentially at a point when they are ready to buy. From there, review the first editorial search you canf ind.

Next, create podcast content around your business. If 2019 has made anything clear, it’s that podcasts are wildly popular. After, complete a competitive analysis by evaluating where your competitors currently stand. 

Finally, if you’re in the process of crafting email pitches to journalists, your main goal should be to get the recipients to reply and ask questions. Some tactics that work include offering interviews, samples and original photography. 

Click play to hear all of Siu and Salamunovic’s insights into building good PR and gaining media attention. 

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