No One is Coming to Save You - Josh Loe

No One is Coming to Save You

Let me show you the way.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

No one is coming to save you.

You will ask: “Josh, what do you mean?”
And I will say: “Exactly that. No one is coming to save you!”

Now before you label me as the villain, allow me to elaborate.
The human mind has two modus operandi: proactive and reactive.

Modus Operandi: the way something operates or works

Operating in a proactive manner as opposed to a reactive one will give the individual total control over a situation, rather than letting said situation control them.

Here’s an example:
One Sunday night, as you review your to-do list for the following Monday morning, you notice that you have a hectic schedule full of meetings. Since you’ll be on-the-go for the majority of the day, there is a very good chance that good quality food will be scarce, and if available, extremely over-priced (I’m looking at you, $30 “keto salad”). Now, you are faced with 2 options:

1. Complain about how it’s hard and expensive to eat healthy, as you gulf down half your life savings in keto salads. — Reactive
2. Look inside your fridge and quickly prepare some meals that you can bring with you as you go about your day. — 

Although the reactive option is more “convenient”, it will do nothing for you and your goals. Convenience and comfort are the silent killers of all ambition. Their seductive presence in our daily lives are what keeps us from going forwards and onwards!

Wake up early and go for a run? (ambition)
5 more minutes of this warm bed instead. (comfort)

F*ck your bed.

Work on that book? (ambition)
Let’s binge-watch a Netflix series and discuss it with Susan at work. (comfort)

F*ck Susan.

Pick-up extra shifts on the weekends at work to get that promotion? (ambition)
Weekends are for a brewski with the bros. (comfort)

F*ck your brewski with the bros.

Now before you start running around and throwing F-bombs at everyone and everything in your life because “Josh said so”, let’s delve a little bit deeper.

Every endeavor that is worth pursuing will have an equal if not greater amount of discomfort associated with it, and that’s because, in order to change, you must actually change!!!

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten” — Anthony Robbins

If you want to improve your physical conditioning and health, you cannot just wish yourself into great shape. You must exercise, regularly.
If you want to improve your financial health, you cannot just wish more money into your bank account. You must generate money & wealth, consistently.
If you want to improve your abilities with women, you cannot just wish beautiful women into your bed. You must be confident & approach.

You must go out into the world, and through your actions, manifest the things that you desire.
“But gee Josh, that sounds so tough”

I understand my friends, but the alternative is living a life that you don’t want.
You can become a caricature of a human being, who becomes society’s little bitch and does whatever those around you want you to do.
Or, you can take charge of your life and not worry about what fucking Susan thinks of your goals.

Your salvation, by others, will be at the cost of your freedom and happiness.
Only you can set yourself free, and be happy in the process.

No One Is Coming To Save You.