$10 clip-in bangs from Amazon give you the look without the commitment - Josh Loe

$10 clip-in bangs from Amazon give you the look without the commitment

Following is a transcript of the video:

Celia Skvaril: Straight-across bangs are a huge commitment, and although they’re super cute, it’s not a commitment I’m willing to make. So I was very excited when I saw these clip-in hair bangs on Amazon for only $10, and they’re apparently 100% real human hair. And you’re supposed to just clip it in like a hair extension, and they’re supposed to look like real bangs. My only thing with these are there is a gray hair in here. I don’t know if it’s just a hair that they forgot to dye or what, but it is purely gray. So, I have a few gray hairs, OK? But I don’t want them in my bangs that I just bought, so I’m gonna rip it out. All right. Yuck. I think that what I have to do is I have to put my hair in a middle part. Unclip. Oh, God, help me. I don’t know how low they’re supposed to go. I’m so scared. Oh, my God. I hate this. I don’t look like myself. I feel like I’m in an alternate universe. I’m cute as hell. Honestly, they’re not bad. Like, not bad. Not as bad as I thought. So, my major problem with these is that I just think they’re not thick enough. I think I needed to get the thicker pair. So if I really wanted to wear these out and about and have them look legit, I think I would need to buy the bigger pair. But if I wanted these to, like, film a video, take a few selfies, I think they can work.

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