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Best Prime Day 2020 game deals: 35% off board games and card games

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Board Games Roundup Prime Day 2020 lead

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With so many of us stuck inside, board games and card games have become an even more important source of entertainment. With the Prime Day 2020 deals, it’s a great time to give some new games a try without spending much money.

Amazon is also currently offering an extra $10 off when you spend $50Β on select games. Look for eligibility here or on product pages.

Below, we’ve detailed the best board and card game deals during Prime Day 2020 so far, and for more deals, check out our main Prime Day page.

The best board game deals

When shopping for a board game, you need to consider who your likely playmates will be and how long their attention span is. For instance, when it comes to games like Monopoly or Catan, you really need to seek out fellow players who will stick around for hours. It’s no fun getting deep into a game and having someone leave.

The best card game deals

Card games are quickly supplanting board games among adults because they are easy to transport, set up, and explain. Plus, you can usually complete a full game in a reasonable amount of time.

The best kids game deals

Choosing games for kids is a hit-or-miss endeavor. Sometimes, your youngster will learn the gameplay quickly and immediately take to it. Other times, they’ll play it once and never show interest again. So, be patient and consider a variety of games to see what sticks. You’ll also want to pick something that you’re willing to play with your child over and over again in case they do get addicted.

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