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r/motivation – The Struggles & Pain of Life 🙏 Be Thankful

On this Thanksgiving week we are all focused on all the wonderful things in our life that we are truly thankful for. And rightfully so, for most of us are blessed beyond what we can even comprehend.

In addition to the good things however, allow me to encourage you to be thankful for something else… And that is for the life struggles and painful situations that has molded you into the beautiful person that you are.

None of us like to go thru pain… And it seems like all we can do is pray for sunshine during the rainstorm. I get it…no one likes pain. I would consider you to be somewhat on the crazy end of the spectrum if you enjoyed pain while you were in the midst of it.

However, once we get thru the pain, and past the hurdle… then we can look back and hopefully see what benefited from it. And we may have to let lots of time go by before we can see this. We have to put some distance between us and the event first.

The goal here is to see what we can learn from our struggles, and not break under them. And since problems and pain are a part of the human experience, the quicker we can harvest any benefit from them, the quicker we'll move from being bitter about them.

I have known a ton of folks who have let the pain of life drive them into bitterness. And I'm convinced it's because they never learned to take what positive they could out of the curve balls life threw at them along they way.

We are not going to stop the curve balls, we can only learn how to better swing the bat.

So here's some motivation today, on this day before Thanksgiving, to recognize how you've been molded into the wonderful person you are as part of the pain you've been able to endure.

https://youtu.be/4WceEmSm2Kk Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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